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An Introduction to Dabbing
At arae, we believe cannabis concentrates give you the freedom to decide your vibe.

That’s because dabbing is the purest and cleanest method of experiencing the desired effects you want. Dabs are the common term for cannabis extracts, which are highly concentrated cannabinoids delivered in different forms. While it’s possible to extract CBD, most dabs you’ll find contain extracted THC in much stronger amounts (60-90%) compared to your average flower or cartridge (typically 20% and below).

Dab Bong

Because of its potency, dabbing is a popular method of consumption for severe symptom relief as well as for those who want to get blissed out as soon as possible. That goes for any of the forms dabs commonly take, including shatter (which resembles glass), wax, crumble, hash oil and live resin. Another benefit? It’s much nicer on your lungs. The extraction process filters out much of the plant matter that can make for a harsh inhale, leaving more room for terpenes and cannabinoids to come through.

Dabbing is growing in popularity but there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding this method and its associated products. Part of setting the vibe for your foray into concentrates is cleaning up some misconceptions and introducing the uninitiated to a little more of what dabbing is all about.

First, there’s the setup. Instead of packing a bowl or rolling a joint, dabbing requires its own proprietary piece of equipment: the dab rig. A close cousin of the bong, a rig lets you vaporize your concentrate by heating a nail (often with a blow torch or electronic nail), dropping a small portion of your dab in a heating chamber, and inhaling once vapor starts to form. There are ways to customize this process with carb caps or inserts to control temperature and flavor, but the basic setup is all you need for a quality pull.

Dab Pen

If you’re intimidated by a rig, you can always start small with a dab pen. These compact tools allow you to easily scoop extracts inside and instantly heat up, taking care of temperature control and timing (which can be trickier with glass). The Puffco Plus Vision Pens are a perfect introduction to concentrates while giving discerning dabbers an on-the-go option for setting their own mood. 

arae crafts each of our concentrates to give you the most consistent experience possible, every time. Still, dabbing is not for the faint of heart. Similar to consuming edibles, inhaling from a dab rig is best approached with a “less is more” philosophy. The effects of dabbing can hit quicker than a THC-infused brownie, and you might not enjoy the zero-to-100 ride if you’ve overdone it.

Patients who have built up a high tolerance to cannabis may find dabbing as the logical step up in symptom relief. The potency of even a little shatter or wax can give you the psychoactive experience you’re seeking to go along with full-body symptom relief. The scientific extraction process at arae guarantees a cleaner and more flavorful smoking experience for refined palettes.

For the scientifically-inclined, dabbing can reward your curiosity with a next-level high. With so much nuance to the experience, we invite you to explore what best suits you by reading the results of our scientific testing and finding the product that fits your mood. Discover our products here, and read more educational resources on this page to find your vibe.



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