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What are the most popular cannabis terpenes?
The smell of a pine forest after a storm. The unmistakable zest of an orange peel.

The pungent skunky odor of Blueberry OG. The aromas you associate with your favorite plants - including cannabis - all derive from a combination of terpenes, the family of over 100 oils naturally secreted by plants and flowers.

As any horticulture nerd would tell you, terpenes are key to plant adaptation and protection from predators. It just so happens that the same scents attracting or repelling pollinators are often also pleasant to humans - mint, berry, lemon, cheese, etc (okay maybe cheese is more of a love/hate, but you get it).

There have been over 100 different terpenes identified in cannabis plants, and no two strains have the same composition. In fact, subtlety is one of terpene oil’s greatest strengths, as the interplay between terps and other compounds found in the plant is really what sets strains apart; remember: a cannabis plant can either have an indica or sativa structure, but everything else after that - how “high” you get, whether you’ll feel relaxed or energized - is a function of its terp profile.

We’re serious about terp testing at arae. Our scientific analysis presents the most complete picture of a product’s benefits, giving you a greater sense of the vibe you can expect. In our extractions, there are a few terps that rise to the top time and time again. These primary terpenes are abundant in nature and in our concentrates, combining for unique “entourage effects” that create what we call moods.

Here are the eight terpenes found most often in our extracts:

The most commonly appearing terpene in the natural world, thanks to its presence in pine trees. Pinene has shown promise in helping those with asthma improve their lung function. It also features often in our Bright and Blissful mood categories.

This spicy terpene is found in many curries as a flavoring agent. It’s also what lends antioxidant properties to tea tree oil for your skin. Our Blissful products have revealed terpinene in testing.

Terpinolene is a low-key strain often found in small volume but with great variety. It has many different aromas from pine to citrus, and often appears alongside terpinene and pinene to form a Blissful combination within arae.

A mouthful to say and full of spice to smell, caryophyllene has been studied for it’s addiction-quelling benefits as well as its ability to treat anxiety. It’s no surprise that it appears in many of arae’s Tranquility and Calmness moods.

Inhaling limonene vapor has been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin production in the brain, and cannabis that’s limonene-dominant tend to inspire more euphoric highs. If it’s Passion you’re after, seeking concentrates with this terpene would be a good place to start.

To the untrained nose, the classic “smell of weed” is likely the aroma of humulene coming through. It’s also what gives beer its hoppy aroma. In our products, humulene is a vital compound to create our Calmness moods.

This terpene is a natural muscle and mind relaxer with a floral aroma. It’s pleasant but it won’t shut your brain off - in fact, it’s the only terpene to appear in both our Tranquility and Brightness products.

The dominant terpene in over 40% of flowers, myrcene is also the most abundant terp in the cannabis world. It’s popular and it’s multi-faceted - myrcene is part of the mix in our Tranquility and Passion moods.



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